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How to Check EDV Result for 2023 in Nepal? Find the Steps With Pictures

In this post, you will learn how to check EDV result 2023 in Nepal. Find the easy steps and save your time and money before you think of getting external assistance.

The US opened the 2023 EDV lottery from October 6, 2021, to November 9, 2021. Those who submitted their applications during this period are eligible to be selected for the 2023 diversity visa.

America’s State Department which runs Diversity Visa has published the result for ECV 2023. The program runs as a lottery for the participants who, if selected can go to the US for a steal cost and get a green card for permanent residence in the United States. No wonder, the EDV (Electronic Diversity Visa) is a rage in Nepal too.

Every year thousands of Nepalese participate in the US-run EDV lottery with an eagerness to go to the US. Many signs up for the lottery themselves, pick a photo themselves, and fill up details, while many others take the help of others paying fees. For outside assistance, they choose cyber cafes, or photo studios and they pay a small amount.

It’s not difficult to imagine, that many find it at odds to check the EDV results. That is because many are not aware of the website, or process, or they find it too cumbersome. AS a result, they end up spending money to check the result while you can do so by yourself and easily. But here, we have listed the steps in chronology with pictures to make it easy for you. Kindly check them below.

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How to check EDV result 2023 in Nepal?

  • First, visit this official website. Due to the immense traffic, the site may not open in the first hours following the latest results. Be patient and keep trying.
  • When it loads, click on Check Status. Then it will lead to another page.
How to Check EDV Result 2023 in Nepal?
  • Click on Continue below Entrant Status Check Instructions. It shows like this below in the image.  
How to Check EDV Result 2023 in Nepal?
  • Now, there is a whole page with different segments to fill up the details. We will explain to you in steps.
  • First, type the 16-digit confirmation number that begins with the program year. It is the number the site gave you when you applied for it. You might have taken a printed copy or saved the web page or the number somewhere. Make sure you enter the exact sequence.  In case you have forgotten it, click on Forgot Confirmation Number to retrieve it.
  • Then, in the second box, type your last family name (surname).
Fill up EDV form
  • Then enter your year of birth for the primary entrant. If you didn’t know what a primary entrant means, it’s the one under whom the application is submitted, not the wife or a child in case it applies.
EDV form
  • Then forth, enter the characters you see on the screen. These characters are different for every user and for every session. So be careful and type each character with caution. Also, remember that these characters are case-sensitive. But if you are not comfortable with the characters, choose an audio option to proceed.
EDV form to check the result
  • Then Submit.
  • Now, you will now see whether you have been selected or not in the EDV visa lottery.

That is how you check your EDV result. The program allows fifty thousand foreign nationals to enter the US every year. Based on how many nationals a country represents in the US, it designates the eligible countries and the quotas for countries across the continents. Learn: How to Convert English Date To Nepali; Convert Nepali Date To English

Nepal gets around a 4,000 people quota to move to the US under the EDV program.

If you need assistance regarding any step, let us know in the comments below.

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