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Government to Start School Mapping All Community Schools

The Government of Nepal (GoN) will soon start school mapping of community schools. Education, Science, and Technology Minister Devendra Poudel says the project will cover all the community schools of Nepal. The minister made the announcement at an interactive event on Falgun 1.

The minister said the project will help to overview schools’ conditions on a digital website.

School mapping will help the government implement various policies for school upgrades. Recently the minister said, every community school in Nepal will have an ICT lab. Further, the project will allow the government to sanction the budget for internet, drinking water, electricity, fencing, etc.

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School mapping and why is it done?

School mapping is a technical procedure that records a school virtually and that can be accessed online. This helps to estimate the requirements of the school for the future and make plans and policies to meet them. In essence, it is a micro-planning act. It helps the authority or the stakeholders to understand the various requirements of the school from physical infrastructure to financial resources to upgrade it.

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School mapping unlike geographical location details a dynamic vision of how education would evolve over the years and what needs to be done to ensure its quality. The mapping saves and shows its buildings, teachers, other infrastructures, and details.

The talk of improving community schools and infrastructure has long been a mainstay. But despite attempts, they have usually fallen to stand up to modern requirements. The education ministry has always been the object of criticism for it.

However, the minister says, not all the visitors who appear at the ministry do not seek schools’ quality improvement, but ask for ‘rights’. He says, improving the condition of those schools requires a collective effort.

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The minister says, the principals’ role is key for schools’ holistic improvement and active participation of the management committee will contribute to creating “model schools”.

What are your suggestions to the government for the improvement of public schools besides school mapping? You can leave your opinions in the comments below.

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