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Google Photos To End it’s free Unlimited Storage on June 2021.

Google Photos, which had been providing free photo backups at ‘high quality’ for almost five years has decided to charge for the storage after the 15 GB of storage limit has been crossed. That means you will not be able to upload those images in your Google Account having 15GB. The decision will be taken into action on June 1st, 2021.

The change would also come with other changes in Google Drive policy like counting Google Workspace documents and spreadsheets against the same cap. Google has also decided to delete data from inactive accounts that haven’t been logged in for at least two years. Click here to install Google Photos.

Google Photos is the home for more than 4 trillion photos and videos where 28 billion new photos and videos are uploaded every week. According to Google, the change has been brought in order to welcome more of the memories and build Google Photos for the future.

All photos and videos backed up in high quality before June 1, 2021, are exempt from this change and will not count toward Google Account Storage. According to Google, they won’t take this decision lightly and they will acknowledge this as a big shift.

After June 1, 2021, Google will reach out and send reminders when users would be nearing their storage limit. There is plenty of time for users to decide whether to continue using Google Photos or switching to another cloud storage provider for storing photos.

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