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Gesits G1 Electric Scooter Launched in Nepal | Price, & Specs

Gesits G1 Electric Scooter Launched in Nepal. The brand, Gesits, originates from Indonesia, where it was both designed and developed. Vivek Automobiles is the official distributor of Gesits electric scooters in Nepal. It’s a new electric vehicle (EV) brand for the Nepalese market. The electric scooter comes with attractive specs and features. So, here we will have a detailed discussion about the Gesits G1 price in Nepal, specifications, features, and availability.

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Gesits G1 Overview


Gesits G1 Design
Gesits G1 Design

In terms of design, the Gesits G1 has a sleek and modern look, with a steel chassis and a comfortable seat for the rider. The scooter’s dimensions are 1947 mm x 674 mm x 1135 mm, with a wheelbase of 1290 mm and a curb weight of just 94.5 kg. It has a ground clearance of 135 mm. The electric scooter is available in different colors like Red, White, and Black. 

The scooter also features three drive modes – Eco Mode, Urban Mode, and Sport Mode – allowing riders to customize their riding experience based on their preferences and the road conditions.


The Gesits G1 is powered by a Permanent Magnet Synchronous – BLDC Motor that delivers up to 5000 watts of power, with a maximum horsepower of 6.7 HP and a torque of 30 N.m. This results in an impressive acceleration time of just 5 seconds from 0-50 km/h, and a maximum speed of 70 km/h. The scooter also features a Pulley Belt Transmission for smooth and reliable performance.

The scooter’s front suspension is telescopic, while the rear suspension features a swing arm with a mono shock. The scooter also boasts a Double Disc Brake System, with front and rear disc brakes for maximum stopping power. 

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Battery Life

As for the battery, The Gesits G1 electric scooter is equipped with a 72V20Ah Li-NMC battery, which provides riders with a range of up to 50 kilometers per charge. For those who require more range, the scooter also supports a Dual Battery Configuration with a Dual 72V20Ah setup that doubles the battery capacity and offers a maximum range of 100 kilometers. 

The battery is equipped with Smart Battery Protection, which provides over 1000 charging cycles, ensuring long-term reliability and efficient performance. With a charging time of just 4 hours, the Gesits G1 battery is an essential component that delivers consistent power for a high-quality and satisfying riding experience.

Smart Features and Safety

Gesits G1 Features
Gesits G1 Features

The Gesits G1 has a range of smart features and safety measures. The scooter has an HID projection headlight, a LED tail light with an integrated rear position light, and a pair of LED intermittent flashing indicator lights for hazard warnings. The scooter also has an Engine Error Indicator and a Detection & Protection System Failure, as part of its GESITS Smart Function. The dashboard luminance is also auto-adaptive, ensuring that the display is always clear and easy to read.

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Gesits G1 Technical Specifications

  • Dimension: 1947 mm x 674 mm x 1135 mm
  • Curb Weight: 94.5 Kg
  • Wheelbase: 1290 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 135 mm
  • Motor: Permanent Magnet Synchronous – BLDC Motor
  • Power Output: 2000 Watt – PP 5000 Watt
  • Peak Power: 5000 W
  • Peak torque: 30 nm
  • Top Speed: 70 Kmph
  • Drive Mode: Eco Mode, Urban Mode, and Sport Mode
  • Suspension: Telescopic Front and Swing Arm with Mono Shock Rear
  • Transmission: Pulley Belt
  • Battery Capacity:
    • 1x 72V20Ah in Single Battery
    • 2x 72V20Ah in Dual Battery
  • Charging Time: 3 to 4 hours
  • Range:
    • 50 Km in Single Battery
    • 100 Km in Dual Battery
  • Tyre: Dual disc
    • 80/80-R14 (front)
    • 100/80-R14 (rear)
  • Tubeless Tyres: Yes
  • Braking Type: Combined Braking System
  • Colors: Red, White, and Black.
  • Gesits G1 Price in Nepal: Rs. 3,50,000 to Rs. 4,10,000

Gesits G1 Price in Nepal and Availability

The Gesits G1 price in Nepal is Rs. 3,50,000 for a single battery and Rs. 4,10,000 for the dual battery. It is available in different color options such as Red, White, and Black.

Gesits G1VariantPrice in Nepal (Official)
Gesits G1 Single BatteryRs. 3,50,000
Gesits G1Dual BatteryRs. 4,10,000
Gesits G1 Price in Nepal

The Gesits G1 is an impressive electric scooter with a reliable 72V20Ah Li-NMC battery that provides a claimed range of up to 50 kilometers per charge. The scooter also supports a Dual Battery Configuration for a maximum range of 100 kilometers, making it an ideal choice for short commutes and city riding. With its sleek design and advanced features like the double disc brake system and HID projection headlights, the Gesits G1 offers a stylish and safe riding experience. Overall, the Gesits G1 is a great option for eco-conscious riders looking for a high-quality and efficient electric scooter.

Gesits G1 is now officially launched in Nepal. You can also visit the nearest Gesits showroom.

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