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FonePay launches digital gift card service to buy products or services online

Nepal’s leading Payment System Operator (PSO) Fonepay has launched a digital gift card service that helps users buy goods or services. The company announced the service at a product launch event on February 03.

Diwas Sapkota, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company said that vouchers issued by any merchant can be offered as gifts to others through this feature. The service is online-based and requires an active internet connection.

According to Sapkota, large merchants issue vouchers on the Fone Pay app, which can be used by customers to give to others as gifts or to be used by themselves. He added that any goods and services can be purchased with Fonepay digital gift card service.

Additionally, the service includes more discounts than the QR feature.

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Fonepay digital gift card service is the same for buying as digital wallets

CEO Sapkota said that Fonepay digital gift card service is similar to digital wallets or mobile banking for buying products or services online.

But the voucher can be redeemed only by going to the very merchant where the voucher was purchased or received as a gift.

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How often do you use Fonepay for online transactions? Do share your opinion on the launch of the digital gift card service by the company in our comments section below.

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