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“Financial Notices” App Gets 1 Lakh Downloads Milestone

Financial Notices is an app developed by Advertising Nepal Private Ltd. with an aim to disseminate information about banks and financial areas of Nepal. And despite its slow start, the app now has gained prominence among the Nepali crowd. As of writing, the app has reached over 1 lakh downloads.

The Financial Notices App is available on both Android and iOS platforms and comes for free.

In recent years, the Nepali public has grown fonder of financial activities, and even more so, the attraction towards the share market has been unprecedented. And since mobile banking and digital wallet has penetrated almost all smartphones in urban areas, apps like Financial Notices have gained a new value.

The developer of the app shared that the Financial Notices helps to promote digital literacy which complements the growing use of mobile and internet, mobile financial transactions, and attraction towards the share market.

CEO Prakash Aryal said the growing interest in financial information has increased responsibility in their campaign to promote financial literacy.

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Financial Notices App is User-Friendly

The app uses an advanced Flutter framework. This allows the developer to bake the app with a single code for multiple platforms (Android and iOS). The company says it has redesigned the app with a simple layout to make it more user-friendly. The users can browse through the app easily and get notifications without much hassle.

As for linguistic convenience, users can set the app in both Nepali and English language.  The app also has a biometric feature that allows users to lock the app from unwanted access by others. The dark mode has also been added that would sync with smartphone settings and ease off the eyes strain.

The company claims that the finance tracker, which keeps track of individual and institutional daily expenses and income, and the credit tracker, which keeps track of loan transactions, have been added and the facility of ledger book has been added.

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The app has now added features like a finance tracker that keeps track of personal and corporate expenses on a daily basis, the credit tracker helps record loan transactions.   

Have you used Financial Notices? Do comment below about its standout features.

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