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Fake Onlinekhabar page spreading malware link which could access your browser history and passwords

The infamous fake Onlinekhabar page on Facebook is actively spreading malware links. After the popular news outlet’s name was misused in a recent post regarding Swastima Khadka, this time, another actress Nisha Adhikari’s name has been used in a post to spread harmful links.

Pretending to be the official “Onlinekhabar in English” edition, the page was seen to be boosting a post misusing Nisha Adhikari’s name which apparently contained a malware link. The concerned post talks about how Nisha Adhikari has been dating another person (hinting at which has led to the actress filing a lawsuit against her husband for a share of the inheritance).

The post also claims to have video evidence captured from a hotel to back up its claim which only contributes to sensationalizing the baseless ‘news’ and seeks to draw a click from unsuspecting users.

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Interestingly, last week, Onlinekhabar’s official page was breached to spread inappropriate and fake content about another actress Swastima Khadka. It is a similar attempt with a different account but still using the name of the popular Nepali online news outlet.

It is said that when a user clicks on the link, it can access browser history and passwords on both mobile and desktop platforms. So, we urge you not to give in to the temptation to fake news and refrain from clicking on taping on the link.

This is the fake Onlinekhabar page in question while this is the original Onlinekhabar in English page. Do check them yourself and find out what differentiates the authentic page and what makes one “fake”.

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