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F1 Soft marks its 19th anniversary, 20 subsidiaries, and 10 million users

Nepal’s leading fintech company F1 Soft International marked its 19th anniversary on March 6, Sunday. Started from a group of 3 enthusiasts, the company today dominates the digital payment market and employs over 1 thousand while operating a dozen subsidiaries. The company boasts over 10 million users on its mobile banking and internet banking services.

F1 Soft was established in 2004 with a zeal to venture into web development, web hosting, and other IT works. As it turns 20, it boasts an enviable market share and influence in Nepal’s digital payment system and plays a profound role in the country’s digital economy. It develops various technologies related to the financial sector in Nepal.  

Among its major services, F1 soft totally dominates Nepal’s mobile banking realm by developing the apps of most major banks in Nepal. Perhaps more important, the company has transformed Nepal’s digital payment ecosystem with its eSewa and Khalti apps. It also leads in internet banking, QR payment, ‘foneloan’ etc.

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F1 Soft 19th anniversary celebrated with gratitude to all

On the occasion of the company’s 19th anniversary, the group’s chairman Bishwash Dhakal expressed his gratitude to the team, customers, and well-wishers who helped the company reach the stage it’s in.

F1 Soft has over a dozen companies in its network. FonePay, eSewa, eSewa Money Transfer, eSewa Travel, Diyalo Technologies, LogicaBeans, etc. are its subsidiaries. The company develops apps and other technologies which are used in banks and financial institutions (B/FIs), education, drinking water, and other sectors playing an incredible role in the Digital Nepal transformation.

S1 Soft companies
F1 Soft companies | Credit: F1 Soft

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If you use any mobile banking app or a digital wallet, chances are that you are using the one developed and operated by F1 Soft International. Which services do you like the most from the leading fintech firm? Do share in the comments below.

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