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eSewa Partners WorldRemit: Now receive Money From Worldwide

The prominent digital payment service provider eSewa partners WorldRemit, a leading cross-border digital payment service. the collaboration will allow Nepalese around the world to send money to their relatives’ eSewa wallets. Presently, Nepalese from 50 different countries will be able to send in remittance to Nepal using the service.

What is WorldRemit?

WorldRemit is a leading digital payment service provider. It has been facilitating the digital transfer of money between countries where one can wire the money to their family and friends over safe and secure protocols.

The service was established in 2010 AD and since has been providing a cost-friendly money transfer service in 130 countries.

Currently, there are more than 4 MN people who take advantage of digital payment services via different available PSPs. Likely, there is a huge scope and need for an international payment gateway that could facilitate the transfer of remittance easily without needing any banks. GlobalRemit and Esewa will redress that shortcoming. The users will no longer need a bank account to wire their money. Simply they will have to acquire the service and send the money into their family or friend’s Esewa accounts.

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Useful For “The Working Abroad”

The collaboration between these payment gateways will especially benefit migrants living and working abroad who have to continuously transfer their hard-earned cash home. The said service will provide them with better convenience, safety, and affordability to engage in such financial transactions.

Then there is a huge number of students working and studying outside Nepal. They will also be at a massive advantage with this service. Not only they can receive payment from their parents in Nepal, Their parents can also wire funds for them in a matter of a few clicks.

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What have Been Said of the collaboration?

Ruzan Ahamed, Country Director for South Asia at WorldRemit, spoke of the collaboration, “Nepal is implementing digital initiatives for their people at pace, and we are seeing the Nepalese population embrace these changes. WorldRemit is committed to keeping pace with these developments, and we are proud to collaborate with eSewa Money Transfer to do so.

“This partnership with one of Nepal’s leading Mobile Money providers is another positive step towards realizing our vision of providing a fast, secure, convenient, and affordable way for our customers to send and receive their money transfers around the globe.”

On the other hand, Ajesh Koirala, the Managing Director of eSewa Money Transfer, also expressed his joy over the pact and stated “We are very excited to join hands with WorldRemit, a global leader in digital cross-border payment services. This partnership underlines our effort to bring competitive alternatives to brick-and-mortar establishments with reduced fees.”

He further added that “The uptake of P2P payments and digital wallets will continue, and our effort will be to reflect the new reality of how money is transmitted. eSewa Money Transfer is always focused on impacting Nepal’s remittance market by driving technology and digitization.”

To celebrate the agreement, WorldRemit is offering a first transaction zero-fee promotion from 6th April 2021 to 30th June 2021. However, this scheme will be valid only for new customers, and for it to apply, and stay informed WRNEPAL must be quoted.

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What do you think of this agreement between eSewa and WorldRemit? Were you in need of such service? Drop your opinions in the comments section below.

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