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Electric vehicles will cost same as fuel-run cars in one year

Electric vehicles will cost the same as fuel-run cars in 2023, Nitin Gadkari, the Indian minister for the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways claims. He made the claim amid the exponential surge of the internet towards EVs in recent months.

The graph of EV business is striding upwards in India. Till June, the sales of electric vehicles have grown by a staggering 800%. So far, 1.7 million EVs have been registered, the minister said.

Gadkari added that he is also making all maximum efforts to lower the cost of eco-friendly vehicles as much as possible.

The Indian government has promoted green fuel lately as it aims to gradually make the shift from fuel-run vehicles. Ethanol from crop residue is touted as a substitute for petrol and diesel for transport in India.

Likewise, Indian authorities aim to 0-carbon emissions by replacing existing public transport systems with electric ones.

India has 1.5 lakh public buses. Out of the total, 93% run on diesel. The government is planning on converging the outdated bus into EVs for their further life of service.

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India offers subsidies on two-wheeler electric vehicles

The Indian government has also issued state-wide subsidies for two-wheeler EVs. Delhi offers the highest subsidies of Rs 30000 and Maharashtra Rs 25000. Likewise, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Assam offer up to Rs 20000 subsidy.  

Other states are also offering Rs 10000 and Rs 5000 subsidies as the country promotes EVs for an environment-friendly transport system.

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While the EV trend is also increasing in Nepal, the government has not offered subsidies to encourage consumers. Do you wish Nepal’s concerned authorities took the same steps as in India? Do share in the comments below.

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