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Nepal’s electric car import rises by 66 percent, 100 kw EVs dominate

The import of electric cars has risen massively in recent months. The latest data from the Customs Department showed that the import of electric four-wheelers increased by 66 percent by Chaitra, FY 2079/80 with 100 kw capacity EV cars dominating the market. Find more below.

The growing number of charging stations, and the general acceptance that they are better has made them a popular choice as of late. Additionally, their stylish looks and design have encouraged regular buyers to shift towards an eco-free ride experience. Electric cars are a growing trend in Nepal. The figures don’t lie here.   

Till Chitra FY 2079/80, 2 thousand 451 units of electric cards were brought into Nepal. For the same period last FY 2078/79, thousand, 473 such vehicles were imported which means 978 more four-wheeler EVs made it to the Nepali market this time around.

And it has helped the government increase its revenues as well. Till Chaitra fy 2079/80, the government generated 1 billion, 93 crores, 13 lakh, and 59 in revenues. In the meantime, Nepali traders spent 6 billion, 84 crores, 7 lakh, and 90 thousand for bringing them into the country. Last year for the same duration, 4 billion, 29 crores, 66 lakh, and 31 thousand were spent on buying them.

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Cars by capacity

Electric vehicles are classified by the power (kilowatt=kw) they possess. Till Chaitra, fy 2079/80, 2 thousand 379 electric cards were made it to Nepal which were worth Rs 6 billion, 52 crores, 89 lakh, and 31 thousand.

Likewise, 65 units of electric cards arrived in Nepal costing the traders Rs 27 crore, 12 lakh, 2 thousand.

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In Nepal, the most powerful electric cars come in the range of 200-300 kw capacity. In the above-mentioned period, 7 units of such powerful EVs landed in Nepal. They cost 4 crores, 6 lakh, and 58 thousand. The data from the Customs Department shows.

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Why 100 kw electric cars in Nepal?

The government has implemented zero tax on 100 kw capacity electric cars on the ground that it is most suitable and affordable for Nepalese. The idea is also to encourage the fast shift to EVs in Nepal. This has made 100 kw electric cars outnumber others. As per the data, 100 kw electric cards boast a 97 percent market share.

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Should Nepal gravitate more toward EVs? What could be done to increase its adaptation further? Do offer your input in the comments below.

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