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Get Your Driving License in a Week, Law to Be Amended

Those in wait could get their driving license in a week. Traffic Management Department is making the necessary arrangements that will ensure that those after successful trial and revenue payment, will get their driving license in not more than 7 days.

At an event organized by Economic Reporters Association in Kathmandu, Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, the General-Director of the Traffic Management Department share the plan of issuing driving licenses within a week. According to Bhattarai, the department has already started working on the plan.

“If someone passes the trial and submits the license revenue, we have started preparations to issue a card within a week,” Director-General Bhattarai said. We are purchasing the card accordingly.”

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Driving license in a week

So far and presently, Nepalese have to wait for months and even years to lay their hands on the official driving license. To make the process faster and more efficient, the government is buying a new printer to print driving licenses.

After buying a machine, two machines will be in place to print driving licenses which will remarkably shorten the duration of getting a license for the public. The government has announced a bid for the machine. Don’t miss: Kathmandu Metro Traffic won’t accept driver’s licenses on the Nagarik App, why? 

The entire process could take 5-6 months. The department is amending prevailing regulations to make the said changes. So far, the department issues a probationary license for a year after passing the trial and a temporary one afterward.

The government has been making a series of measures to make license grants more feasible such as the 70-marks policy in trials to faster issuance of the license. If it goes to plan, the public will be greatly benefitted.

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