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Digital Payment Starts in Bajhang District, in 7 Municipalities

Bajhang district has initiated an electronic transaction system in its 7 rural municipalities (Gaunpalika). The District Treasury Controller Office of Bajhang began electronic transactions to properly maintain financial activities at the local levels within the district.

The electronic payment system has been put into practice recently. On Tuesday, January 3, 2023, an orientation program was held for accounts to be acquainted with the newly-introduced online payment system.

Accountant Shiva Raj Pandey of the District Treasury Controller Office, Bajhang said that the electronic payment system has become very effective for economic governance and people-friendly services at the local level, Gorkhapatra wrote.

Digital Payment in Bajhang helps with an easier financial transaction

He also said that with the electronic transaction facility, the office can now send money directly to the municipalities’ accounts. Likewise, municipalities will also be able to pay directly to others.

He added that the service makes it easier to transfer funds to the related individual or customer.

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Many local levels have begun digital payment

Introducing digital payment services has become a trend in recent years. On central and local levels, online payment has helped authorities and the public with easier transactions on the go.

From taxes to other related public services, the electronic system has greatly elevated people’s comfort. The government has also prioritized digital means for public services and wants to end long queues of people at government offices.  

Bajhang district is the latest in the growing list of local bodies launching digital transaction systems. Also read: Now You Can Pay Taxes to the Kathmandu Metropolitan via Khalti

The electronic transaction has been launched in Chhabispathibhera Rural Municipality, Saipal Rural Municipality, Talkot Rural Municipality, Mashta Rural Municipality, Surma Rural Municipality, Jauprithvi Rural Municipality, and Bitthadchir Rural Municipality of Bajhang district.

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