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Civil Bank Unveils New FD Schemes, Triple Deposit in 10 years

  • Civil Bank unveils new FD schemes which allow customers to double and even triple their investment within the stipulated time
  • Under this scheme, the participants can also get Rs 10 lakh worth of life insurance.

Civil Bank Limited has launched two new Fixed Deposit (FD) products which allow its customers to double and triple their return within a stipulated timeframe. At the same time, the generous scheme also includes Rs 10 lakh of life insurance and also the accident insurance of the same amount.    

Civil Bank Unveils New FD Schemes, Get up to triple the amount

To benefit from the FD plans, the bank’s customers need to deposit the money in Fixed Deposit savings. As per the plan, the deposit amount will double in 6 years, 3 months, and 24 days.

Civil Bank Unveils New FD Schemes

Customers can also receive a triple return on their deposit. For this, they need to deposit the premium for 10 years, and 2 days.

Civil Bank FD schemeMaturity
2 times6 years 3 months 24 days
3 times10 years 2 days

Besides, customers who participate in this scheme will be entitled to generous loan cover. The bank says those who deposit their money in this FD scheme can receive a loan worth 90% of their deposit amount.

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Civil Bank seeks to provide technology-driven products and services. It complies with prudent practices in line with the Central Bank Nepal Rastra Bank’s directives and ensures constant adherence to its values, culture, and traditions. The bank provides all the commercial banking services across Nepal via 115 branches, 99 ATM outlets, and 13 extension counters.

Civil Bank Limited is one of the leading Class A commercial banks in Nepal service since 2010 AD.

Would you be eager to be part of Civil Bank’s latest FD schemes to triple your investment? Do share in the comments below.

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