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Cinema Cyber Security Desk Comes into Operation With A Hotline Number

Film Development Board (FDB), Nepal has started a Cinema Cyber Security desk with a hotline number. The service aims at providing security to the board while also gradually integrating information technology into its services.

The announcement of the service’s official beginning was made at an event in Kathmandu which had the presence of some notable figures. Information Technology Department General Director Premsharan Shrestha, National Innovation Center’s Executive Director Pradip Sharma Paudel, Prahlad Prasad Pudasaini, Registrar of Nepal Copyright Registrar Office, and others were present at the program.

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Cinema Cyber Security Desk needed to ward off many challenges

At the event, the Chairman of the board spoke on a number of issues that led to the need for the help desk. He said, “

“Technology has enabled us to reach to our audiences easily and promote our industry. Facebook and TikTok among other social media platforms have made it easy to reach out to a wider audience. However, it has also brought challenges in cybersecurity. Lately, we have encountered many cases of movies being leaked. It has greatly harmed our film industry hence the need for the desk” he said.

KC also emphasized that actors are also facing security risks with the growing use of ICT.   

Likewise, Naval Khadka, President of the Nepal Film Producers Association, stressed that the cinema cyber security desk must begin its service immediately.

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To get its operational budget from the MoCIT

The Board has submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MoCIT) for the budget allocation in the next financial year 2080/81 for the operation of the cybersecurity desk.

Bikrant Karki, Founder of the Robotics Academy of Nepal, and Nibesh Kiran Adhikari of Idea Breed Technology presented a demonstration of the Cinema Cyber Security Desk. The two IT companies will be responsible for the development of the cinema’s cyber security desk.

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