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Chaudhary Group to Assemble LG LED TVs in Nepal

Chaudhary Group will assemble LG LED TVs in Nepal. Chaudhary Electronics, the subsidiary of CG will start assembly soon.

The elite business house has started an assembly plant that will bring LED TVs to the Nepali market. The assembly plant is situated in Satungal, Kathmandu.

The plant will first employ 100 employees as per Nirwan Chaudhary, the MD of CG. 70% of them will be women.

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Domestic production will expectedly drive down the prices of LG LED TVs in Nepal. In near future, CG also plans to produce LG home appliances and entertainment appliances in Nepal.

What do you think of CG assembling LG LED TVs in Nepal from both manufacturing and employment perspectives? Do share your opinion in the comments below.

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