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CG to introduce Ola electric scooter in Nepal

Chaudhary group is bringing Ola electric scooter to Nepal. The investment marks another key eco-friendly vehicle business for the prominent Nepali business house.

CG Motors, under Chaudhary Group, will unveil Ola scooters at the Nada Autoshow 2022 happening from Ashoj 7 to 9.

The global conglomerate has been stepping up its focus on EVs lately. The company launched Neta V back in June marking its entry into the electric vehicles business. Now, it is bringing popular Ola electric scooters to the Nepali market.

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Ola electric scooter in Nepal

At present, Ola has launched two electric scooters – Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro. One of these will be launched in Nepal. CG Motors has not yet disclosed the particular two-wheeler that will be launched in the Nepali market.

Ola S1 is available in India in ten colors. It generates 5500 W power through its motor. The scooter has a combined braking system with front and rear disc brakes.

Likewise, it can run at the speed of 90 km/ph. The electric scooter can run 121 km on one full charge. Its battery capacity is 4 kWh.

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Its premium version S1 Pro meanwhile can run 115 km/hr. and runs 181 km on a full charge. Similar to its modest sibling, it also features disc brakes.

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