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CAN Federation Nepal Election to Use Electronic Voting System

CAN Federation Nepal Election is occurring on 24th December 2022. And for the very first time, the election will use electronic voting machines. For this, the Federation has collaborated with Ram Laxman Innovations company. Let’s learn more about this in our article today.

Electronic Voting System in CAN Federation Nepal Election

For the election, CAN Federation had already set the time for candidate registration on December 20th, 2022. As the candidates have been enlisted, the federation is conducting the election through an electronic voting system. In the past elections too, it tried to implement such a system but it couldn’t happen.

Now with the help of Ram Laxman Innovations, electronic voting will finally take place. It will ensure transparency as well as save time for the voters.

Electronic Voting Machine by Ram Laxman Innovations
Electronic Voting Machine by Ram Laxman Innovations

The election will provide a new president, along with 38 district members for the federation. CAN has also stated the compulsion to have 33% female candidates at least from 38 districts. The candidates for president have to pay Rs.50,000 as fees while the candidates for general members have to pay Rs.20,000.

CAN has notified about the absence of any panel in this election. Likewise, the federation is also seeking panel-free elections for more effective work. It is also positive to welcome deserving aspirants to hold the respective positions in the office.

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About CAN Federation

The Federation of Computer Association Nepal is well-known in the Nepalese tech world. It was formally registered as CAN in December 1992. But in 2015, the association turned into a federation. It is an umbrella organization with a membership base from ICT institutions, and associations to individuals working in this sector. The non-political federation operates as an independent, nonprofitable, and service-oriented sector of Information and Communication Technology.

CAN Federation Nepal
CAN Federation Nepal

CAN InfoTech, its yearly event is the most popular tech event in the country. The CAN InfoTech acts as a hub with dedicated sections for various brands to introduce their ICT products and services. The organizers allocate different sections for branding, game parlor, product launching & startup, robotics, e-governance, WiFi internet, and women entrepreneurs in ICT.

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The event provides information on the latest technologies in the areas of cloud-based solutions, security, mobile phones, and other digital solutions. Meanwhile, observers are also provided the opportunity to learn about many other advanced technologies such as solar power systems, desktops and laptops, CCTVs and hard drives, IoT, and AI.

Now with the CAN Federation Nepal election using an electronic system for voting, it is high time for others to follow the same too. The Nepalese general public has also been longing for the government to use the electronic voting system for transparency. But the political interest and the government’s reluctance are causing delays to implement such technology in the elections. Let’s hope, we will get to see it one day.

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So what do you think of CAN Federation Nepal Election using an electronic voting system? Do share us your views, thoughts, and opinions in the comment section below.

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