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Baato Launches Mobile App: Changing How You Explore New Food

Kathmandu Living Labs Consult serving as Baato has announced the launch of the Baato mobile app which changes the way you explore new food around you. It adds proximity recommendation to its already feature-rich application, bringing an efficient way to interact with the local cuisine.

The app is essentially a map at its core. It is built by a Nepali team of geo-specialists aiming to fill the gap left by Nepal’s unique navigation culture.

Baato app has landmark-based navigation to give users their current location, as well as directions to their desired area in relation to their closest indicative landmark. The app accommodates the cultural norm of indicating the direction with the help of landmarks.

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Use navigation tools offline

Likewise, the app allows you to access its navigation tools, even offline. It makes the Baato app accessible to users throughout Nepal without regular mobile data or a WiFi connection.

The comprehensive details of multiple trekking trails and routes make Baato an amazing local tool for international and domestic tourists alike.

Baato mobile app
Baato Mobile App | Image Source: Play Store

With this huge update, Baato is changing the way city residents explore and experiment with the local cuisine available nearby. The app has a unique and user-friendly interface. You can swipe through and like the dishes you want to try.

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The Baato Mobile App is Backed by the Proximity Recommendation System

With the revolutionary proximity recommendation system, preferences are used to send you a reminder to try out the dish you liked when you are within a short distance from the restaurant that serves it.

This system also lets you find out amenities like parking spots, pharmacies, and many others.

Baato aims to become the ultimate convenience app for your needs as we expand the features and services we bring to the public. Currently, the Baato mobile app is your go-to tool to explore the most delicious and exciting dishes in Nepal. Just swipe right to ‘Like’ the dishes that you want to try and you’ll receive a reminder from the company every time you’re near the restaurant.

If you are a foodie then Baato is your ultimate foodie companion.

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