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70-mark license trial in Bagmati Province starting on Sunday

The revised 70-mark license trial in Bagmati Province is set to kickstart on Sunday, December 4. The new system is expected to contain irregularities persistent at driving license trials and help more qualify through the test often considered unreasonably difficult and impractical.  

The Labor, Employment and Transport Ministry of the province has completed the necessary legal arrangements to implement the new and more liberal provision for new trial participants.

The ministry’s Information Officer Devraj Chaulagain shared that the preparation for the long-waited 70-marks provision is complete. From now on, trail participants are qualified to get a driving license upon getting 70 marks out of 100. It is going to be good news for many as the existing system was often criticized for being rigid and unforgiving to even the most minor mishap.

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Writing tests will also become easier

On the other hand, the generous policy is also enforced in written tests. From this Sunday, December 04, participants can qualify for the driving test (trial) with just 50% marks against the previous 60%.

Federal Government, Physical and Infrastructure Ministry issued a driving license exam procedure directive in 2077 to make trials easier, and corruption-free.  

The provision arrived late in the Bagmati province. Province 1, Lumbini, and Far-West has already implemented it.

The new provision allows smart trial assessment. The trails operation will now have trial venues equipped with CCTV cameras, and artificial intelligence to make accurate judgments of the trial participants.

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