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Get Up To 4 Times More Deposits from Global IME Bank

  • Get up to 4 times more deposits from Global IME Bank in its latest Fixed Deposit product “Chakrawarti Muddati Yojana”
  • You can get 2 times, 3 times, and 4 times the deposit amount under this scheme.
  • Minors and joint account holders can open an account in this offer.

Prominent commercial bank Global IME has announced a new Fixed Deposit scheme that lets you multiply the deposit amount. Called the “Chakrawarti Muddati Yojana,” you can get up to 4 times your deposit amount for investing for a stipulated time.

Besides, you can also get 2 times, and 3 times more deposit amount. The bank says the scheme is available to minors and joint account holders.

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4 Times More Deposits from Global IME Bank

Under this scheme, you can get 2 times the deposit amount if you save it for 6 years, and 8 months. Similarly, the principal amount triples in 10 years, and 7 months. If you want to quadruple the return with monthly compounding interest, you need to deposit your money for 13 years, and 4 months.

4 Times More Deposits from Global IME Bank

The minimum amount to open an account in the Chakrawarti Muddati Yojana is Rs 10,000. The bank says the interest rate in this scheme will apply as per the existing rate which is currently 11.03% p.a.

Global IME Chakrawarti Muddati YojanaMaturity
2 times6 years 8 months
3 times10 years 7 months
4 times13 years 4 months
Tenor is subject to change based on the published interest rate

Global IME is a leading commercial Class ‘A’ bank in Nepal. It has 262 ATM outlets, 275 branchless banking centers, 51 extensions, and revenue collection counters across Nepal. Besides, the bank serves through 3 foreign representative offices taking its total service center to over 875.

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The bank also allows Nepalese to send remittances from foreign countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, etc.

Multiple banks have announced their Fixed deposit offers lately. Which one do you think is offering the most reasonable and attractive offer? You can share your opinion in the comments below.

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